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Foods of Natural Paradise

The quality mark Alimentos del Paraíso Natural aims to distinguish in the market certain agri-food and fishery products for human consumption, which, produced and / or made in the Principality of Asturias, meet certain conditions and meet certain requirements that guarantee consumers their geographical origin and their certified quality.

Protected Geographical Indication
The products protected under a Protected Geographical Indication must comply with being originating in a specific place, possessing a specific quality, a reputation or other characteristic that can essentially be attributed to its geographical origin and that at least one of its production phases takes place in the defined geographical area.

Protected Designation of Origin
The products protected under a Protected Designation of Origin must be originating in a specific place, whose quality or characteristics are mainly or exclusively due to the particular geographical environment, with all those natural and human factors inherent to it and must be prepared in all the phases of its production, in the defined geographical area.

Other quality products
The Alimentos del Paraíso Natural brand may cover any of the agri-food and fishery products certified in accordance with the requirements established in the technical specifications of the corresponding product, authorized by the competent Ministry in agri-food matters.

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