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The “glocalmarket” is now available, the growers’ agri-food store.

Access it and buy directly from the Km0 proximity producers and enjoy their products directly at your home.

Foods of the Natural Paradise.

The purpose of the Food of Natural Paradise quality mark is to distinguish in the market certain agri-food and fishing products for human consumption, which, produced and / or made in the Principality of Asturias, meet certain conditions and meet certain requirements that guarantee consumers their geographical origin and its certified quality.

Balearic Islands food.

Each of the Balearic Islands make up small Mediterranean gardens that combine tradition, quality and sustainability in their agri-food products. We invite you to discover the agri-food and gastronomic reality of each of our islands through Productos de Aqui

Sell on the #glocalmarket

We are in luck.
The digital market of Productos de Here is already a reality, the #glocalmarket

At Productos de Aqui we have created a tool to facilitate that potential customers can, through a single purchase, acquire products from each and every one of the small producers that are part of the Productos de Aqui platform.

Entering your products in the Here Product Market is very easy. To do this, you only have to click on the link, follow the instructions and register. You are now ready to upload articles by following the instructions that appear in this manual.

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Do you want to be part of our website?

To be part of Productos de Aqui , you only have to be a small agri-food producer, or an SME dedicated to this type of local, differential and proximity productions. All evidently complying with the current legislation in each of the activities that are developed.

Check all the information in our news section.

Products from here

From the producer who distributes his local product and Km0 in small distribution circuits, both in specialized stores (which are also open) and at home, to others that already have their own distribution or even online stores, facilitating the commercialization of their products in the entire peninsula.

All producers of Fish and Preserves , Meats and sausages , Prepared meals , Ecological , Legumes, vegetables and fruits , Honey, breads and pastries , Fish and preserves , Cheeses, Eggs and Dairy products all have a place in Products from Here.

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